You have found the perfect hat style and colour, It now is time to make sure it fits like a glove. Hats in Hats Hautecouture’s handy hat sizing guide makes online shopping for hats simple.
Each person has a different size head. To ensure you choose the perfect size hat for your head use our trusted technique for getting it right. You need a soft measuring tape that will go around your head. You can measure in inches or centimetres depending on what you prefer or what tape you have.

With your cloth measuring tape place it around your head, positioned mid forehead about 5mm above your ears and above your eyebrows. If your head size is in between sizes we recommend you going up. e.g. if you measure 58cm and there is no 58cm in the hat you are after, we recommend going up to 59cm. Some people do not like a tight hat. A looser fitting hat is more comfortable if you are wearing it for a long time. You must ensure your hat fits the way you want it.

The Various hat sizes are on the chart below


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